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Ankit Mishra*, Ragni Tandon, Aftab Azam, Kamlesh Singh, Pratik Chandra, Shreya V Mishra

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Facial asymmetry: A review

Review Article

Author Details : Ankit Mishra*, Ragni Tandon, Aftab Azam, Kamlesh Singh, Pratik Chandra, Shreya V Mishra

Volume : 7, Issue : 2, Year : 2021

Article Page : 114-122


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The term “asymmetry” is used to make reference to dissimilarity between homologous elements, altering the balance between the structures. Facial asymmetry is common in the overall population and is often presented subclinically. The assessment of facial asymmetry includes the interview of the patient with the orthodontist, extra-oral and intra-oral clinical examination. Depending upon the careful diagnosis the treatment options are selected from asymmetrical orthodontic mechanics to orthodontic surgery, depending upon the patient’s age, primary etiology of disease. When the amount of asymmetry is significant, the problem is usually visible, which has a detrimental impact on one’s facial and smile aesthetics. Facial asymmetry in the craniofacial complex ranges from barely discernible to obvious differences between the right and left half of the face.

Keywords: Facial asymmetry, Orthodontics.

How to cite : Mishra A , Tandon R , Azam A , Singh K , Chandra P , Mishra S V, Facial asymmetry: A review. IP Indian J Orthod Dentofacial Res 2021;7(2):114-122

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